Disability Care Services

Accommodation Assistance

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We provide support with transition for individuals with complex, mental and disabilities, seeking help finding accommodation with accessible features to help them live safely and independently.

Household Tasks

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We assist our clients to keep their environment neat and organised, we provide support in a variety of household tasks such as cleaning and laundry, meal preparation and delivery and house or yard maintenance.

Supported Independent Living

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We provide support with arrangements to help individuals to live as independently as possible. Supported independent living, is a housing support that gives our clients the opportunity to live in a family-style setting.

Daily Personal Activities

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We offer support and assistance with daily routines and other personal activities, allowing clients, also including clients who have more complex needs to live as autonomously as possible. Support is provided by personnel with additional experience/qualification to ensure all clients needs are met.

Life Stage Transition

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We help strengthen clients’ abilities to participate in the community and coordinate a support system, being their main support during the most important milestones of their lives.

Travel and Transport

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We provide transport services so clients can access support, attend medical appointments, accomplish activities, and achieve their goals outside their homes and in the community to live a life as independently as possible.

Employment Assistance

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We offer support to help clients with complex, mental and various disabilities to find and maintain work. Our Compassionate carers will ensure that you are supported throughout this process.

Development of Life Skills

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We provide training and development activities to help clients improve their ability to live independently and have confidence in their day to day life.

Community Participation

A child on a wheelchair holding a ball with her parents

We provide support to our clients to have  Community access support which assist our clients to get out and about and be involved in their community.

Group and Centered Based Activities

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Our clients enjoy a wide range of social activities, such as sports and crafts, helping them gain extra support from their peers.

Why Choose Alliracare?

As an NDIS disability care provider, we help NDIS participants plan development goals and access funding to achieve them. We believe in the potential of everyone, no matter age, gender or background. We never give up or give in, we provide support and care to participants with complex challenges with history of or at the risk of contact with the criminal justice system. We are trauma informed and therapeutic experienced providers so we understand the challenges can be difficult to overcome, hence why, Alliracare is here to assist.

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